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JANUARY 19, 2020

Why pass a holter monitor test privately

Those services, though offered in public services, are often accompanied with waiting lists that can go up to a year. It is not rare that clients mention that it has been months since the request has been sent by their doctor but has not been treated.

For more than 27 years, JMA Diagnostics has offered its clients a blood sampling service both in clinic and at home. We also offer the possibility of a resting electrocardiogram test, also called ECG, and of a Holter (24h or 48h) and a AMBP (blood pressure measurement on 24h).

Why do business with JMA Diagnostics? Simply for the fast service and results, that are of the utmost importance when you need to pass one of those tests.

Fortunately, we can do the tests in very fast delay. We have four ECG equipment, two AMBP and one Holter. It allows us to quickly answer to the demand. Usually, you can get an appointment in less than a week for those tests. It is important to note that only the ECG can be done at home.

In addition to the fast appointment, you get your results in a maximal delay of 5 open days.

More precisely, the AMBP results are immediately available after the test. You can therefore leave with your results in a few minutes.

For the ECG, the delay is of 2 open days.

For the Holter (24h and 48h), results are checked and interpreted by a cardiologist in less than 5 open days, and then they are sent to your doctor.

We are proud to offer fast appointments that can be a source of stress for our clients. It is important to remember that the ECG and the Holter or tests related to the heart. The faster the problem is detected, the more efficient is your doctor’s care.

By offering ECG, Holter and AMBP services, JMA Diagnostics allows its clients to save time on waiting lists and unblock the public system (a little). Also, in most cases, insurance companies cover the fees. Either it is for a blood test, a Holter, a AMBP or a ECG, if your insurance covers the fees, why not benefit from it?

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