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OCTOBER 25, 2019

Why get your blood samplings at work?

Have you missed on work for blood samples before? Have you returned from the CLSC with a lack of energy and motivation before? We can help you recover that time and energy

Our private sampling centre offers a professional service and fast results. Our services cover all regions of Laval, Lanaudière, Laurentides/Basses-Laurentides and Montreal, both at home and in clinic.

We also work in companies when an agreement is made with the board. Either through a general medical check-up or for a simple follow-up, collective insurance covers the fees.

So why not offer yourself a service that will make you and your collaborators save time?


The wait in the public health system can be a problem. A visit to a CLSC can take up to 4 hours of absence. By offering yourself services at JMA, you will not miss hours of work for simple blood tests. By not needing to wait in the public for hours, it is easier to take care of ourselves and our health!

Let’s not forget that in most cases, medical tests are necessary to detect health problems. The faster an illness is found, the more efficient the treatment will be.

Also, the speed of results is not to be neglected. When you have an appointment with the doctor in a short delay, it is important to get the results as fast as possible and to send them to the Quebec Health Record.

JMA Diagnostics is known for its service quality and its speed at answering to the needs of the clients. Our services include sampling, analysis in private laboratories and cardiac tests like the ECG, the AMBP and the Holter. With its service on the road and its 13 service points, JMA Diagnostics is there for you, when it counts.